ES Model – Future Drive

FutureDrive is an innovative finance model where the future value of your Lexus is guaranteed in the form of a fixed balloon payment at the end of your finance term.

This amount, the guaranteed value of your Lexus at a future date, is backed by Lexus Financial Services and will not change, provided that your Lexus remains in a good condition and you adhere to the pre-set conditions of finance.

With FutureDrive, you truly get a low risk- and hassle-free ownership experience. The ideal finance period of 36 months is complemented with 24 and 48 months options, allowing you to get behind the wheel of a new Lexus more often, and ensuring that you replace your Lexus before the warranty and service plans expire.

FutureDrive offers affordable monthly instalments, over shorter repayment periods with the peace of mind of a guaranteed future value at the end of the term. More importantly, you can choose what you do with your Lexus at the end of the term, with options ranging from handing your Lexus back, trading in your Lexus for a brand new model, refinancing the outstanding balloon amount with Lexus Financial Services and keeping your vehicle, or paying the outstanding amount outright.

FutureDrive is available on all new Lexus passenger and SUV models, and comes with flexible repayment terms and deposit options.

**R1 197 initiation fee and R68.40 monthly administration fee included. *Variable interest rate. Model shown for advertising purposes. Errors and omissions excepted. Offers subject to stock availability and change without prior notice. Lexus Financial Services a division of Toyota Financial Services (South Africa) Limited. An Authorised Financial Services (FSP No. 7454) and Registered Credit Provider (NCRCP62).

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